Wednesday, June 16, 2010

britany! writes a blog on wordpress

Remember back in the day when someone moved and they would send out a little postcard saying, "We've Moved!"? 

Well consider this your little postcard. I have switched blogging platforms to Wordpress. You can now find me HERE! So all of you faithful followers, who am I kidding, Ingrid and Nana now you can set your RSS feed/subscription/whatever to my new place. It's nice over there at Wordpress simple and clean kinda like me.  

tiny dancer

One of the many things that I love about Oliver is that he loves to sing and dance. He has most of the songs memorized on our iPod and Adam and I get a kick out of hearing his little voice belt out our favorite songs in the backseat of our car. He is a really good dancer too; because there is nothing that inhibits him from dancing, he just moves to the music. I pray that he keeps this quality that we can always encourage him to dance even when the world tells him not to. 

Oliver encourages me to dance and forget that others are watching. We were at the farmers market on Saturday and this couple was playing horrible renditions of horrible songs. It was really bad. But Oliver didn't care. In the middle of "Puff the Magic Dragon" he grabbed my hands and wanted to dance with me, in the middle of the market, where no one else was dancing. I didn't want to. I had to supress the feelings of being watched and judged by others. In the end I'm glad that Ollie and I swayed to the music when no one else was dancing. 

It's the small things that God uses to show me that I need to let go of caring so much about what others think and focus on caring about what my creator thinks.  I am grateful that he uses my son to teach me to dance. 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


For the past day I have been working on a post for my blog. And it's a serious post, seriously. It's been really hard to put my thoughts together to convey my serious thoughts and to make a poignant statement. I'm really good at having fun and not taking my self to serious. I think my problem is that I worry too much about what others think about me. I have more confidence that I am a funny person then I am a person with depth or smarts. Maybe I should just grow a pair, stop caring so much about what others may think and be serious for once.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

two in da morn

Last night Linus woke up at two, 2:00am, two o'clock in the morning. Something that he has been doing for the past week or so. I normally pick him up and nurse him. But last night I couldn't decide what to do. Should I see if he can go back to sleep on his own? Am I enabling my young breed to only fall asleep if I nurse him? Would he know he was loved if I let him cry? As I lay in bed vacillating between nursing him or letting him cry, Henry, our Jack Russell Terrier poked his head over the pac n' play at the end of our bed to check things out. I guess he thought things were OK since he curled back up and went to bed. Through my indecision of what to do I was deciding to let Linus cry. However it wasn't working. He was not going back to sleep. I took a cue from my dog and decided to check things out.

I being very sneaky, kinda like a fox peered into the pac n' play. Linus looked OK. As I lay there still trying to decide what to do I began to smell a weird scent. Not a pleasant scent, but kinda like throw up. Right then I freaked out and decided that I was the worse mother ever. I had let my baby cry until he puked! I turned on the light and in the corner of the pac n' play was the puke. However it was not sweet baby throw up it was the remains of my dog's dinner. HENRY THREW UP ON MY BABY!

Last night Henry made my decision for me. I picked up Linus and nursed him to sleep and Adam changed the pac n' play sheet and thankfully no puke ended up on my baby boy. I only wish Henry could make more decision for me minus the puke.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

those people

I've always held high ideals for myself. Things "those people" do that I would never do. When I had Oliver I lost a few of my ideals but now having two small children I have thrown most of my ideals away and have join the ranks with "those people."

I have always hated seeing shopping carts littering store parking lots. I would thing to myself, "Self, why can't 'those people' walk a couple of feet to the shopping cart collection area? Are they really that lazy?" When it was just Oliver returning my cart wasn't that big of a deal; I'd just drop off my groceries at the car and Oliver and I would return the shopping cart to it's proper place.

Now with Oliver and Linus it's been a HUGE struggle not turning into "those people." I wish I could see myself trying to get one crazy toddler, who doesn't like getting into his car seat and one infant who is snuggled in his Baby Bjorn into the car. I'm sure it would be a good laugh. Once at Costco I was unloading Linus into his seat and Oliver was still in the cart when I realized Oliver was rolling away into the busy parking lot. I then stretched out my leg and caught the cart. I was stuck but only for a second when I couldn't hold the cart any longer, let go, and Oliver and the cart ran right into the side of the Buick parked next to us. It wasn't hot out but I was sweating. I couldn't believe I just did that. Did the owner see me? Should I leave a note? I didn't leave a note but quickly finished buckling Linus in as I use the Buick for a cart stopper. Then chucked Ollie into his cart seat. Do you think I put my cart back? Ummm NO. I high tailed it out of there leaving the cart with front wheels in the planter next to us.

So if you are ever annoyed with shopping carts strewn around parking lots. Just imagine those carts belonged to the Mothers of multiple kids just trying to make it in this hectic thing we called life (didn't that just make you feel sad for us moms). And you have my permission to yell at "those people" sans kids leaving their carts for others to clean up.