Wednesday, May 19, 2010

those people

I've always held high ideals for myself. Things "those people" do that I would never do. When I had Oliver I lost a few of my ideals but now having two small children I have thrown most of my ideals away and have join the ranks with "those people."

I have always hated seeing shopping carts littering store parking lots. I would thing to myself, "Self, why can't 'those people' walk a couple of feet to the shopping cart collection area? Are they really that lazy?" When it was just Oliver returning my cart wasn't that big of a deal; I'd just drop off my groceries at the car and Oliver and I would return the shopping cart to it's proper place.

Now with Oliver and Linus it's been a HUGE struggle not turning into "those people." I wish I could see myself trying to get one crazy toddler, who doesn't like getting into his car seat and one infant who is snuggled in his Baby Bjorn into the car. I'm sure it would be a good laugh. Once at Costco I was unloading Linus into his seat and Oliver was still in the cart when I realized Oliver was rolling away into the busy parking lot. I then stretched out my leg and caught the cart. I was stuck but only for a second when I couldn't hold the cart any longer, let go, and Oliver and the cart ran right into the side of the Buick parked next to us. It wasn't hot out but I was sweating. I couldn't believe I just did that. Did the owner see me? Should I leave a note? I didn't leave a note but quickly finished buckling Linus in as I use the Buick for a cart stopper. Then chucked Ollie into his cart seat. Do you think I put my cart back? Ummm NO. I high tailed it out of there leaving the cart with front wheels in the planter next to us.

So if you are ever annoyed with shopping carts strewn around parking lots. Just imagine those carts belonged to the Mothers of multiple kids just trying to make it in this hectic thing we called life (didn't that just make you feel sad for us moms). And you have my permission to yell at "those people" sans kids leaving their carts for others to clean up.


Ingrid said...

ahhh i was laughing so hard picturing little Oliver with a puzzled look on his face as he and the cart inch further and further away from you until it finally plants itself into the side of the buick. seriously, SO funny...
and i am also one of "those people" now!! i make up for it though, cause when i am by myself, i return OTHER people's carts!!!! :)

Britany said...

yes and you get money for those carts. so wish aldi was out here.

the mathisons said...

when shopping today sans kids... put two carts back in your honor :)

w i n n i e said...

I'd always think like you did for why "those people" never return the cart and blocking people's way parking in the slot! And I'd put them back (they probably should pay me for that on a nice day...)
Well well, now I know why (oh, and it's so convicting!).. And I will think of you every time I see those carts scattered like people laying on the beach, in the parking lot. And return for people like you until I join the club.

Renee said...

I so get that. And now, I try to park next to the cart return, for that very reason. If it's available...which it usually isnt. What really peeves me is when I'm done unloading my cart and someone is walking by into the store, and they dont offer to take my cart. It's 1 out of 10 people that offer to take my cart. I always do it for other people!!