Tuesday, June 15, 2010


For the past day I have been working on a post for my blog. And it's a serious post, seriously. It's been really hard to put my thoughts together to convey my serious thoughts and to make a poignant statement. I'm really good at having fun and not taking my self to serious. I think my problem is that I worry too much about what others think about me. I have more confidence that I am a funny person then I am a person with depth or smarts. Maybe I should just grow a pair, stop caring so much about what others may think and be serious for once.

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yogaquest said...

Thanks for putting yourself out there and being honest. It's a lot of "un-doing" to relinquish the opinions of others. I appreciate your vulnerability. A favorite poet of mine writes...

"Muhammad said no one looks back and regrets leaving this world. What's regretted is how real we thought it was! How much we worried about phenomena and how little we considered what moves through form. "Why did I spend my life denying death? Death is the key to truth!" When you hear lamenting like that, say, not out loud, but inwardly, "What moves you then still moves you, the same energy. But you understand perfectly now that you are not essentially a body, tissue, bone, brain, and muscle. Dissolve in this clear vision. Instead of looking down at the six feet of road immediately ahead, look up: see both worlds, the face of the king, the ocean shaping and carrying
you along. You've heard descriptions of that sea. Now float, trust enjoy the motion."

Love you Britany.