Thursday, June 10, 2010

two in da morn

Last night Linus woke up at two, 2:00am, two o'clock in the morning. Something that he has been doing for the past week or so. I normally pick him up and nurse him. But last night I couldn't decide what to do. Should I see if he can go back to sleep on his own? Am I enabling my young breed to only fall asleep if I nurse him? Would he know he was loved if I let him cry? As I lay in bed vacillating between nursing him or letting him cry, Henry, our Jack Russell Terrier poked his head over the pac n' play at the end of our bed to check things out. I guess he thought things were OK since he curled back up and went to bed. Through my indecision of what to do I was deciding to let Linus cry. However it wasn't working. He was not going back to sleep. I took a cue from my dog and decided to check things out.

I being very sneaky, kinda like a fox peered into the pac n' play. Linus looked OK. As I lay there still trying to decide what to do I began to smell a weird scent. Not a pleasant scent, but kinda like throw up. Right then I freaked out and decided that I was the worse mother ever. I had let my baby cry until he puked! I turned on the light and in the corner of the pac n' play was the puke. However it was not sweet baby throw up it was the remains of my dog's dinner. HENRY THREW UP ON MY BABY!

Last night Henry made my decision for me. I picked up Linus and nursed him to sleep and Adam changed the pac n' play sheet and thankfully no puke ended up on my baby boy. I only wish Henry could make more decision for me minus the puke.


Jenna said...

hi!! :) i had to say....this was a great story. Henry threw up on my baby! very funny. glad that he didn't really. your boys are so cute. i find myself facing this decision each night too with my 10 month old. i let her cry for awhile but always end up nursing her. hoping she (and Linus!!) starts sleeping through the night in the next few months like her sisters. blessings to you four!

Britany said...

It's so nice having been through the baby phase prior. I know that it's not going to last forever! Ollie sleeps so well nowadays. But I remember going through this with Ollie and felt l like my life was doomed to sleepless nights. Now I really do know that it doesn't last forever. So Jenna when you having your 4th?